The puppies from Warus von der Madlage and CH Angela Mila iz Ohotnichiego Dvora were are born Dicember 03, 2015


We have 5 males and 5 females black roan colours. All puppies are healty, strong and beautiful.




Litter «G»

father: Warus
von der Madlage

iz Ohotnichiego Dvora

Mila is a beautiful bitch with a strong body, great elegant head and dark eyes . Mila work with intelligence and passion , surely, in contact with the owner. Her point is very stylish and elegant . Mila have excellent smell and natural perfect retrieving. Mila is a confident female whose tranquility and good-naturedness with other dogs is impressive. She is a friendly character that likes human beings and never acts aggressively.

Mila - Junior Champion of Spain , Interchampion (C.I.B). She have 7x "Excellent", 2x CCJ, 2xCAC, 2xResCAC, 2xCACIB, 2xREsCACIB. She won BEST JUNIOR OF 7 GROUP (Spain) and BEST OF GROUP 7.

Mila has been successfully field competitions in the Czech Republic , with two first degree diplomas by field with title ResCACT and water. Mila has been successfully Field test by trace of hair and partrifge with two degree diplom.


The father of Mila is male from Czech Republic - Bruno z Mesinske hajovny - is a strong muscular male, with magnificent hunting qualities , excellent smell , excellent work on the water, with a strong character. Bruno is a dog intensively used on hunting, its working qualities constantly prove to be true on the Czech competitions where it received diplomas 1, 2 degrees, namely on all-round competitions where work of a dog in the field, on water, and in wood is estimated. Exterrier Bruno - always perfectly, it has a title of Interchempion. In its family tree it is possible to see known dogs with high titles, such, for example, as Lord Tergy (the Multichampion, Interchempion, the World champion, the repeated winner of Club), Trix ze Stipek (Interchempion, the Champion of the European exhibition Kurtshaarov), Nord z Vtlenskych Poli (Interchempion, IKP I, MKP II, MRK I).

The mother of Mila is polish female Aigel z Czarnego Dworu which has germany blood Hege - Haus.

Aigel - Champion of Belarus, Estonia, Champion of Breed, Grand Champion of Belarus. She have 15x "Excellent", 10x CAC, twice of them she was a WINNER of BEST IN SHOW, she was a winner of the Kurzhaar Championshipin of Belarus in 2011. Aigel has been successfully field competitions in the Czech Republic , with three first degree diplomas.

From the previous two litters were a born magnificent puppies - Champions of Russia , the Czech Republic, Spain, both in the field and in the ring.


Warus is a young passionate male with strong sturdy build, have a solid excellent topline, very beautiful masculine head. This young dog shows excellent stylish work in the field, have a great smell and very very estylish pointing. Have a good retriving. Warus love the water so much.

Has a very strong balanced character. Do not whine.. Is perfectly in touch with people, obedient.

Warus - 4x"Excellent", 3xCAC, 3xCACIB, 2xBest of Breed and 2xBest of Group. Warus have open Champion of Portugal and INTERCHAMPION (C.I.E).

Has been successfully field competition Derby.

The father of Warus is german male GIBB KS Seehof, who has won second place in Kleeman 2014.

The mother of Warus is germany female Sente von der Madlage.


In the pedigree combined German and Czech excellent line of hunting dogs.

WARUS von der Madlage
born 03.04.2013

Angela Mila iz Ohotnichiego Dvora
born 26.01.2011

Pedigree of puppies: