26-27.07.2014. Czech Republic. National Competitions САСТ - Memorial Jitky Hromadove.

Young dog from our kennel DRAM DE LOS MACHADEROS (AIKO iz Ohotnichiego Dvora x AGINA pod Doubravskym Vyrchem) received his first Diplom of I price in AllRound Competitions (field+water+forest) with 553 points of 576 possible and 4th place of 22 dogs started.

Memorial Jitky Hromadove consists of three separate parts:

Fielf test (Zkousky Vloh)

Water test (Specialni Zkousky Vodni Pracy)

Forest test (Lesni Zkousky)

Best regards for Dram´s owner - Julia Konevnik (Moscou, Russia)!!!


More info about Dram you can see here


Foto de Tereza Krettkova Photography