10.05.2014. Hlucin (Czech Republic). Klub Dog Show.


Judge: Ludek Muller (Czech Republic)

Our young DRAM DE LOS MACHADEROS (AIKO iz Ohotnichiego Dvora x Agina pod Doubravskym Vyrchem) received "Excellente,1", CAC!


Congratulations for DRAM´s owner Yulia Konevnik (Russia, Moscou) with this firstgteat results !!!

10.05.2014. Czech Republic. The Cup of "Hejtman Pardubickejo kraje".

Our BIANKO IZ OHOTNICHIEGO DVORA (IRU de Valle de Carranza x AIGEL z Czarnego Dworu) received Diplom I deg. and 4 place in our competitions.


Big congratulations fot BIANKO´s owner Jiri Drabek (Czech Republic)!!!