Hello, my name is Elena Melnikova.


There’s been always the thought to create the nursery. But there’s always been necessary to be engaged in public work, to examine puppies, to help to transfer puppies to new owners, to give advice how to train and to go in the field to train the dogs myself. There was no time to train my own dogs. And I’ve always had only mails. The first German pointer ARGON by name I bought at nineteen. With the dog I learnt both to hunt with pointers and to train pointers. Not only I trained ARGON he also taught me a lot. He was 11 in September, 2008. Now it a pensioner with a lot of illnesses. At the period I am training and I am hunting with the young female dog AIGEL. It is of coffee color with terrible character. But clever and dexterous. I’ve got great plans for the future and I want German pointers to have in Belarus both a fine ex-terrier and fine working qualities, excellent style of work, to be steady and easily trained. First of all it is a fine bird dog with a fine scent and a dog of the versatile person with excellent obedience. This is not a dog for every hunter. With it you can not only give and take, but it is a clever and betrayed dog, ready to share with the owner all difficulties of hunting - rain, snow, water, heat. A dog with strong nerves and a strong structure, with perfectly expressed muscles. A dog pleasing not only the owners’ eye. I’ve got a lot of colleagues-experts in Europe to whom I am grateful for valuable advice and friendship. I’ve got

deep knowledge of selection and genetics, anatomy and physiology during a six-year studying Lublin in Poland at Agricultural Academy. I’ve been a member of The Belarusian society of hunters and fishers since 2001г. The expert on breeds and tests of pointers since 1999г. In 2006 I received a rank of the Honorary member of Polish German pointers’ club. I hope to apply my knowledge and to be useful in development of German pointers in Belarus.


Yours faithfully, Elena Melnikova.